Android is the operating system developed by Google for touchscreen devices. Almost all the cell phone manufacturers use Android as the operating system and skin it according to the vision and ideas of the company. So as most of the handheld devices use Android OS, Google launched a platform known as Google Play Store for downloading various utilities and applications.

Google Market
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Play Store is pre-installed on all the android devices. So here are some facts about the largest Android app store:

Android Market:

Android Market was launched back in 2008. There appeared a bit of conflict as when the business grew; Google also started offering more features and options. They provided an option to buy music, e-books, and movies that you could use on other devices too.

Afterward, Google rebranded and launched Play Store in 2012, and it was a dedicated marketplace for Android devices. Along with that dedicated applications like Google Play Music, Google Play Books and Google Play movies were released for music, e-books and movies respectively.

Play Movies
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Android Market still works for the devices with older versions of Android, but it will eventually get rules out as the devices with older Android versions come to an end.

Major Revenue:

Gaming has emerged as a major business in the recent years. Frameworks like Unity, Cry Engine, and GameMaker Studio are getting advanced, and they equip their engines with high-end features while empowering the developer to take the gaming experience to a whole new level. So Play Store generates about 90% of its revenue from games.

Games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are producing the highest revenue. These games provide extras, skins, coins and other packs that are paid. So that is where the graph goes up as thousands of people buy those extras.

App Count on play store:

Every day, new applications are uploaded on Play Store as the new developers with new ideas produce different games and utilities. So the Play Store is getting bigger and bigger every day. As per the statistics, there were around 700,000 apps when Google rebranded Android Market to Play Store, and according to the recent studies and statistics, there are around 3 million applications available on the Play Store.

Speaking of app growth on play store, there were 2900 apps on play store in 2009, 100,000 in 2010, 500,000 in 2011 and it kept growing, and there are around 3 million apps on play store now!

Peer Grouping:

As Google Play Store is the biggest market for mobile application, it also requires security for the reliability and credibility. So back in 2012, they introduced a feature called Google Bouncer to protect from potential threats and malware.

The new strategy known as peer grouping was introduced by Google in 2017. Peer Grouping was an effective method to maintain the reliability of Apps. In peer grouping, the apps with the same features are compared, and if there is any complication, the app is flagged, and the developer is notified about the issue.

The Dream Droid:

Intelligent droid
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This exploit came out in 2011 and was a potential threat as it violated the security regulations. It was basically found in the apps that were uploaded as the free versions of paid apps, and it gave access to the files, location and other information about the user. But this bug only affected the devices running Android Gingerbread and older versions. Later on, when it came to their knowledge, they immediately removed the malicious apps from play store.

Top Downloaded Games:

According to the recent statistics of Google, the apps with most downloads on Play Store are:
• Candy Crush Saga
• Subway Surfers
• Temple Run 2
• Despicable Me
• Clash of Clans

Candy Crush Saga Game
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Test Beta Applications:

Beta version is the pre-release version of the application that developers release to test and verify the performance of their apps. Beta version is only available for the google group or Google+ community. So if you are an app geek, you can easily join the google group by signing in and become a tester of the beta versions of the application.

Once you’ve joined the community, you get the free pass to download the beta versions of all apps. But just to let you know, the beta versions are often full of bugs and are slow.

Banned Applications:

There are many of the applications that are banned by google play store. These applications have either been banned for security reasons, or they violate the terms and policies.
Sarah was an anonymous messaging app that allowed the users to message each other while keeping their identity hidden. After many horrific incidents, this app was banned on play store and app store as well.

Tube Mate was an application was a third party application that allowed the users to download videos from YouTube. Downloading videos from YouTube was a copyright infringement, so this app is banned from Play Store.

Youtube Video Downloader
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There are many other mentions like CM Launcher, TV Portal, AdAway, Grove Shark, Rush Poker and many others that have been banned from Play Store because of violation.
Google bans the apps that block ads as it is the violation of Section 4.4 of Developer’s agreement


Google optimizes app search results on play store according to the compatibility of the device. On a device, it only allows downloading the applications that are supported and compatible with the hardware and software of the device. It also exhibits different categories like you to filter the top apps and games and search between the paid and free applications.

Rating and Reviews:

According to the Google’s developer’s policy, apps and games are ranked according to the review and ranking gave by the users. Adding to that only those users can rank the application who have installed the app. Adding to that if the app has no reviews, Google ranks it according to the quality, download rate and uninstall rate of the application.


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