We go about our lives eating the meat of certain different animals without a second thought. Chickens, especially, have become the part and parcel of our daily nutritional needs. Whether it is a chicken salad in the morning, a burger during lunch or simply good old fried chicken at night; people who are non-veg like nothing more than devouring a healthy portion of chicken. When something becomes the norm, it also loses a bit of its novelty. Today we are going to talk about some fun and eye-opening facts about chicken; that delicious chicken that we all seem to take for granted.

Eye Opening Facts about Chicken – Interesting

7. They Love Running Around

 Facts About Chicken

Most chickens end spending their short, miserable lives cooped in tiny cages that don’t even offer enough room to flap their wings. The ironic thing about this predicament is that these little buggers just love running around, jumping and flapping their wings to no end. Whenever they do get the chance to outside, they like to take a dust bath by digging a small ditch for their wings and bodies to spread around. One of the most eye-opening facts about chickens is that less than 5% of the chickens in the world get to spend even a smidge of their lives outside the cage.

6. Intelligent Communicator

Chicken Facts

While not at the intelligence level of, say a dolphin, chickens are pretty smart for most birds. In fact, they are capable of solving many complex problems, and they can teach the little chicks of how to live in groups. They also have to ability to communicate using several different vocalization techniques. One of the fascinating facts about chickens is that they even think ahead and worry about the future.

5. Lame Chickens

Facts About Chicken We Shouldn’t Ignore

Due to excessive genetic manipulation many chickens develop certain conditions quite early in their lives. It is estimated that over 12 billion chickens worldwide suffer from lameness, a dreadful leg disease. They are increasingly being fattened up to be slaughtered as early as possible as a size of adult chickens. Despite most chickens being slaughtered at a tender age of 42…days, 5% of them develop heart failures or similar conditions. Imagine if these birds with a natural lifespan of 15 years live even half their lives. I presume that these awfully manipulated birds may develop heart diseases at a 100%.

4. Chicken Dance and Expressions

Chicken Facts We Shouldn’t Ignore

Some species of roosters often perform ‘tidbitting’ moves to court hens that have become the inspiration for chicken dance. Even the term ‘pecking order’ is actually derived from the statuses that chickens assign to each other within a group.

3. Dinosaur Ancestry

Surprising Chicken Facts We Shouldn’t Ignore

There was a string of recent researches that led to the recovery of proteins from the T-Rex dinosaurs that are extinct for ages. The DNA sequences showed that chickens come closer than any other living animals to be called a relative of the T-Rex. One of the most amusing facts about chicken is that you are probably comparing their body to that of a dinosaur in your head right about now.

2. Inhumane Slaughtering

Surprising Facts About Chicken We Shouldn’t Ignore

Not many people know or turn a blind eye to the fact that chickens are mostly slaughtered by having their throat improperly sliced and then being scalded alive in burning water tanks. It is well documented that the chickens writhe in agony and scream until their eyeballs pop out. One of the most eye opening facts about chickens is that the poor birds are often not even stunned before the procedure. It is actually similar to hitting an unaware person on a head with a shovel and then tossing them in a tank full of lava.

1. The Broiler Chicken

Eye Opening Facts about Chicken We Shouldn’t Ignore

The farm version of the natural chickens have been bred from the start of 19th century and in the past 60 years alone, their consumption has increased by a massive 1,400%. In the 50s, their consumption was merely half a billion which is now 9 billion per year; much more than the entire world’s human population.

Chicken are delicious and a much cheaper choice among the foods that are usually categorized as savory. It is up to us to provide safer methods of breeding and slaughtering while also making sure that these lovely animals get to experience some time outside the cages.


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