Donald Trump’s brand of derogatory humor and incisive remarks has landed him in nefarious places as of late. However, there is no denying that Trump has become a topic of household discussion everywhere in America. His Presidential candidacy thus seems a lot like a hoax that is designed to be a publicity stunt albeit The Republican Party having him the frontrunner in recent polls. One does think that maybe his eventual goal was to become so ubiquitous that everybody in America, heck the world, knew about the everyday doings of the often eccentric billionaire. Here are some interesting Donald Trump facts that you are going to find extremely fun

Some of the most Interesting Donald Trump facts

From Rags to Riches



Although Trump looks like an all-powerful figure on the front with a net worth of $4 Billion that seems to be hitting an upward curve in recent times; he has gone through the dread of bankruptcy in 1990 and bounced back in supreme fashion.

Donald’s Sobriety

Trump Sobriety


This one might come as a shock to most of you. Trump has never smoked a cigarette, inhaled alcohol or flirted with even a light vocational Trump. His brother was an addict and Trump decided not to live the life of an addict. Now whether he truly is a teetotaler or has just never been caught; I will leave that up to your own interpretation.

Teenage Woes

Trump Military in front

Another one of interesting Donald Trump facts is that he spent life in a military academy. He is a handful on press and media; apparently that was his base personality in his adolescence. After attending junior high in Queens, New York; Donald was shipped to New York Military Academy by his parents because he was a parent’s nightmare, a trouble maker. Although it may seem like the military discipline hasn’t done him any good. But considering his net worth, I think he is doing just fine.

Penchant for Mock Awards

Trump award

Donald Trump has been the headliner for some of the most controversial and conspicuous television events. He, however, does hold the honor of winning an award – a Razzie Award to be precise – for the worst supporting actor in a 1990 movie “Ghosts can’t do it”. He did a cameo appearance in the movie as himself. Go figure.

Unfounded Narcissism

Trump with divas

He has a case of inflated self confidence that, when compared in size with his Trump Towers, might even dwarf his biggest skyscraper. I am talking about the Trump World Tower. He was quoted on the Daily News in 2004, bragging about being flirted by the entire female cast that appeared on his reality hit “The Apprentice”. Moreover, he also bragged about Ronda Rousey being a big fan of him just recently; a fact which the former UFC champion denied vehemently.

Cash on Hand

Donald Trump with wife

Donald Trump has taken the term ‘cash on hand’ to the next level. For being a big shot billionaire, Trump has never had to use an ATM in his entire life. No matter what situation arises. So at least, he didn’t have to cancel his dinner date with Melania Knauss just because his ATM link was down. God is cruel that way sometimes.

The bet of the Billionaires

Trump shaves McMahon

Trump made several appearances on WWE as part of a storyline with his fellow billionaire extraordinaire, Vincent McMahon, who is the chairman of the WWE industry. They both had a bet that involved shaving their heads off should they lose the bet, which involved them both choosing a representative to fight for them. Mr. McMahon ended up with a barren head when he lost the bet and Trump shaved his head.

Donald’s Miss Universe

Trump with Miss Universe

Here is one of very little known Donald Trump facts. He is an equal partner in the Miss Universe pageant when he struck a deal with NBC in 2002. So basically, every Miss Universe that has stepped forth into the world since that has had some sort of backing from the eccentric billionaire; who himself claims to be flirted by every other female species that crosses his path.

The Germaphobe

Trump germaphobe

Being rather consistent with his stature as an elite, Trump does not like to shake his hands with people. Thankfully, the germaphobia is not just restricted to the commoners. However, if he is pushed into that unwanted situation, he turns the situation around with unexpectedly pulling the other person close to him enthusiastically.

Trump: The Game

Trump germaphobe

Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate to date who has launched his own board game. Unsurprisingly enough, it was named and based on his own persona as a billionaire businessman. ‘Trump: the Game’ was a grand flop. It was discontinued following its poor reviews and abysmal sales all over the country. Talk about a bored game.

There are many facts about Trump that could last us a lifetime, especially considering his antics. However these are some of the juiciest, fun and interesting facts about Trumps life and personality


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