With over 132 known rooms and 55,000 square feet of construction, the white house is an architectural marvel that has remodeled and renovated time and time again. Whether it is the case of the missing cornerstone or the case of the big second fire, the White House has produced a plethora of crazy stories that even people apart from America would enjoy. That is why today we are going to explore some interesting facts about the White House; the endgame for American politics.

Interesting Facts about the White House – Amazing

6. Huge Staff

Crazy Facts about the White House

Although it may not look like it at times, the White House is a big building that has 16 huge bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, a mini strip mall at the sub-basement that has all kinds of shops like florists, carpenter, cobbler and even dentist clinic. So when you have all the amenities of the world, you would also need a big staff. There is a staff of around a hundred full timers that cater to the garden, make food and prepare meetings, set up fireplaces and what not. On top of that, there are also 250+ part-time staffers.

5. Pay Up!

Interesting Facts about the White House

One of the most interesting facts about the White House is that the residing president and their family don’t just get a free ride on the big chair. In fact, the president is charged for every meal that is prepared, every toiletry that is used and any other amenity that the president and the family enjoy. Now they may end up paying the tax-free fraction of what premier sushi would otherwise cost, but that is beside the point.

4. 1935 Design

Most Interesting Facts about the White House

The general blueprint and design for the renovation and upkeep that is still used till day for the White House were developed way back in 1935 by Frederick Law Olmsted. Jr of the Olmsted Brother firm. Since then there has been a complete remodeling and even inner dismantling of the White House that we will get to later.

3. Story of the White House

Most Crazy Facts about the White House

The White House operates from the PODUS’s place of residence in Washington D.C, which was named after President George Washington, who had a creative hand in the development of the White House. The city of Philadelphia in an attempt to rope George Washington into staying in Pennsylvania also built a “President’s Palace” that Washington refused to reside in. Ironically, George Washington never got to live in the White House even though he commissioned for its construction. One of the fascinating facts about the white house is that the name “White House” wasn’t bestowed upon the PODUS residence even a whole century after its creation. Before President Theodore Roosevelt gave the building its name in 1901, it was referred to by names such as ‘President House’, ‘President Palace’ or the ‘Executive Mansion’.

2. The Era of Candles

Facts about the White House

For almost a century after its conception, the White House was a place where the president had to have dinner and night meetings in candle light or any other source that was not dependent on electricity. It wasn’t until 1891; till the time that Benjamin Harrison began manning the helm that the electricity was installed in the white house. One of the very interesting facts about White House is that President Benjamin was afraid of touching the light switch and had hired help for that job because he was afraid of getting electrocuted.

1. The Dismantling

Interesting Facts about the White House

Little to nothing remains of the original White House. It is because of the regular renovations and upgrade. The crucial factor in there is also the fact that the White House was almost condemned in 1948. President Truman had to live elsewhere as the white house was completely dismantled from the inside leaving the out walls as is because FDR ignored the correct budget and engineers declared it structurally unsound. It took four years till 1952 for the president to be allowed back in.

There are so many crazy and interesting facts about the white house which are going to swell in number as the time ways on. Because when you are part of something that is written in history it is going to rack up some pretty interesting facts.


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