The Atomic bomb was first invented during the Second World War, and its mere presence is a deterrent for every other nation in the world. It is a well-known fact that necessity spawns some of the most scintillating inventions that the world sees time and time again. However, an atomic bomb is the brainchild of desperation and an invention that the world was better off without. Atomic or nuclear energy, if in the right hands, can be the biggest energy boom that the world has ever seen. In the wrong hands, it is the recipe for disaster. So we sift through some eye-opening or otherwise devastating facts about atomic bomb. Hold onto your hats; if you are wearing any.

Devastating Facts about Atomic Bomb – Interesting

7. Enola Gay

Astonishing Facts about Atomic Bomb

Enola Gay was the name given to the Boeing B-29, the bomber plane that had the displeasure of striking the city of Hiroshima. Colonel Paul Tibbets, who was the pilot of the plane, named the plane after his mother. The crew that bombed Hiroshima later told that one of them uttered ‘God, what have we done?’ after dropping the nuclear bomb in a show of remorse. The only silver lining for them was that it brought about the end of the World War.

6. Rushed Jobs

Devastating Facts about Atomic Bomb

One of the astonishing facts about atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t even have a properly designated target until the eleventh hour. Hiroshima’s fate as a target was determined an hour before the drop by another plane because of its good weather. The bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki was first intended for the city of Kokura. Kokura avoided the awful fate due to bad weather conditions.

5. Old Bombs

Dangerous Facts about Atomic Bomb

Bombs planted in the World War II are still being dismantled at a frantic pace in US and Germany both till this year. Apart from that, there are reports of a nuclear bomb getting lost off the coast of Georgia. One of the most interesting facts about atomic bomb is that 10% of electricity in the US is produced by dismantled nuclear bombs through latest technology.

4. Odd Survivors

Interesting Facts of Atomic Bomb


There have been cases of people surviving atomic bombs that defied statistics and reality. There was a survivor of Hiroshima bombings that not only ran a marathon in Boston in 1951 but won the whole shebang. A man survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. There is a bonsai tree in US museum planted way back in 1626 that survived the first nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.

3. After Effects

Horrer of Atomic Bomb

Nuclear bombs are not only a catastrophe in waiting but its sinister nature is not limited to the utter annihilation that it is capable of. There are after effects such as radiation and adverse effects on the nature itself. As if the thousands of people that the Hiroshima bombing destroyed were not enough, the bombing kick-started a typhoon a month after that killed 2,000 more people in the vicinity. Radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki stayed for decades. The only reason that these areas are radiation free now is because the bombs were denoted in mid-air instead of the ground.

2. Sheer Nuclear Might

Atomic Bomb Facts

An atomic bomb’s destruction capability can be measured by the fact that only a fraction of the bomb blows up, and yet it can destroy cities, even countries. The matter that exploded in the Hiroshima bombing was an equivalent of a paper clip. That was way back in the 1940s. Now the much more sophisticated atomic bombs may even be capable of taking out continents the size of Australia; if not Europe. One of the most eye-opening facts about atomic bomb is that because of it, humans are now listed as endangered species.

1. US’s Folly

Facts about Atomic Bomb

Call it over zealous protection or utter lack of common sense, US is the proponent that prompted other countries to invest heavily in nuclear weaponry after their stunt that ended World War II. Russia became a nuclear power in 1949 after extensive testing and countries like China, UK, India, France, Israel, Pakistan, et al. followed suit. The US detonated an atomic bomb in 1962 in space that was capable of 100 times more obliteration than the one in Hiroshima. One of the most baffling facts about atomic bombs is that the US even considered blowing up the moon during the cold war just to show off their might to the world.

Atomic bombs can bring about the end of humanity. One could think that the peace we enjoy is a fickle one and can end if even a single mad man grasps the leadership of nuclear power.


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