Sun is the center of our solar system, and it is classified as a star like many others that we see during the night in the constellation. Many of these stars are bigger than the sun and they are light-years away from our solar system. There over 400 billion stars in our just our galaxy and sun are one of them. Still, it is the most important of them all that we could ever discuss as it is the life force that keeps driving our planet and life on it. So what reason could there be not to look into some amazing sun facts? Shall we?

Amazing Sun Facts – Interesting

7. Inside Out

Interesting Sun Facts You Should KnowBefore we go careening facts about the sun, let’s see how the life-giving star is formed and composed of. There are three layers of a sun in total, much like the earth. The outer layer which we can see is called the Photosphere. The second layer is called the convective zone through which the heat passes from the innermost to the outer layer. The innermost layers, the core, is called the radioactive zone. One of the most amazing sun facts is that the energy from the core takes a whole million years to reach the surface.

6. Massive Gravitational Pull

Sun Facts Although the sun is made of three parts hydrogen and one part helium, it is still quite dense and has a massive gravitational pull. Remember, the gravitational pull is not entirely dependent on the size of a star or a planet because even though Uranus is 63 times bigger than the earth, its gravitation is 0.89 times Earth’s. To put sun’s gravitational pull in perspective, if a satellite is to revolve around the sun without being pulled in, it would have to travel at a speed of 384 miles per second; 2,600 times the speed of an average airplane.

5. Color of the Sun

Sun Stars we see at night are white in color, and one might wonder why the sun, which is a star, is colored yellow. It’s not. It is mainly because of the earth’s atmosphere that the sun is bright yellow in the afternoon, and as the color red is more visible in low wavelength, it is reddish at dusk. If one is to see the sun from space, they would see a white star just like any other.

4. Misconceptions Involving the Sun

Amazing Facts about SunEven though it was determined centuries ago that earth revolves around the sun instead of the other way round; there are still a lot of people who still have misconceptions about that fact until this day and age. Around a third of Russians still believe that the sun revolves around the earth. Catholic Church did not accept this fact this the year 1992. One of the most amazing facts about the sun is that many people even think that the sun is just another planet and don’t know for a fact that it is one of the roughly half a trillion stars in our Milky Way galaxy.

3. Moon-Sun Symmetry

Amazing Sun

One of the amazing sun facts is that it is 400 times bigger than the moon, and it is also 400 times farther away than the moon is from the earth. Scientific community calls it pure coincident and a religious person may believe otherwise, but that is exactly the reason the moon and the sun appear roughly the same in size when you look at them in the sky. It is one of the main principles of the solar eclipse and the reason the moon covers the sun completely from view during the phenomenon.

2. The Context of Our Small Existence

Interesting Sun Facts

There are 7 billion people and counting that live on earth. Forget the fact about billions of animals and insect. One of the amazing sun facts is that a total of 1.3 million earth could be packed into the sun. To understand how small we are, the sun’s volume is trillion trillion times smaller than the volume of our galaxy. Our galaxy, in turn, is a mere spec in the observable universe which in turn is another spec in the actual universe if it were finite.

1. Energy

Amazing Sun Facts You Should Know

Sun emits so much potential energy and earth absorbs a lot of it each day. We only need to harness 10,000th part of the sun’s energy that the earth receives every day to fulfill daily energy requirements of the entire world.

There are tons of amazing facts about the sun, an average sized star which is the center of our entire solar system. You just got a mere lick of some of them.


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