Onions are a staple food ingredient in the sub-continental region, and it is one of the most widely used vegetables that is eaten either raw or used as a flavor enhancer. They go very good with different salads and people since the medieval era have been using this vegetable as a vital food ingredient. They are mostly sauteed, fried or roasted within most recipes but are often also baked, grilled or boiled to make main courses a little more delicious. We are going to unearth some of the amazing onion facts that many people still don’t know.

7. Bonding with Meat

Onion Facts

Onions are heavily used to cook different kinds of meats, and it is not necessarily due to their flavor enhancing properties. The meat itself has a savory enough taste. The main reason is that the active components in onions have the property to make meat extra tender in a quicker way. The A-grade beef cut may take upwards of 90 minutes to get tender. Applying a layer of crushed onions can cut that time to a fourth. One of the most amazing onion facts is that a steak was invented in 1932 in Japan using onions to make it extra tender. It was made for famous opera singer Feodor Chaliapin who was suffering from an extreme toothache at the time.

6. Antioxidants and health benefits

Onion Facts Many Don’t Know

In addition to having sulfur compounds that improve bone strength and are a great boost to women fighting osteoporosis, the antioxidants in onions have numerous health benefits. They are good for preventing cataracts and different lung diseases that hit older people. The quercetin in onions is an antioxidant that improves the cardiovascular function of the heart and increases endurance and stamina. Frequent use of onions in a diet has shown to lessen the risk of developing cancer and even blood pressure related illnesses.

5. And Therein Lies the Rub

Facts About Onioin

Believe it or not, rubbing onion on skin has been used for centuries in many home and folk remedies. It is understood that mixing crushed onion, aspirin, and a little water and rubbing it on warts every day can get rid of them. Rubbing sliced onions can soothe mosquito and other bug bites and also helps with skin burns. There are another one of amazing onion facts that if you rub onion on your feet, you can taste it for around an hour because it enters the bloodstream through the skin.

4. Onion Odor, aka O square

Facts About Onioin Many Don’t Know

Onions have a peculiar pungent smell that is often off-putting and hard to get rid of. For onion breath, you can eat several things such as parsley, mustard, cloves, latte, cardamom or even cheese; although eating cheese may not be such a good idea as you will then reek of cheese. You can use diced carrots or lemon juice to get rid of O square from dishes. Wash your hands in cold water with soap and coffee beans if it persists on your hands after using them.

3. Keep that dog away

Interesting Facts About Onioin Many Don’t Know

One of the most amazing onion facts is that it can be lethal to dogs. They weaken the blood stream in dogs and can cause anemia which can become fatal if your beloved pet ends up consuming a lot of them behind your back.

2. History of Onions

Interesting Facts About Onioin

Onions have been in use by humans dating back to 5,000 BC or even earlier. Egyptians considered onions sacred because of their spherical structure and concentric layers. It was even acceptable as a form of currency in olden days, and one of the most amazing onion facts is that they were considered to be a gift of novelty.

1. The Big Onion

Amazing Onion Facts Many Don’t Know

Before being labeled as ‘The Big Apple’, New York was known as ‘The Big Onion’. It seemingly had something to do with its many layers and peeling them off to get to the core. Speaking of ‘The Big Onion,’ the biggest onion was harvested in 2011 by an English farmer named Peter Glazebrook, which weighed a humongous 18 pounds; twice the size of a newborn baby.

There are so many amazing onion facts because of their incredible taste enhancing abilities and use in home remedies. Just make sure to cut these bad boys under running water if you want to avoid getting an eyeful of tears.


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