Aadhaar is an identification number for person that is issued by the government of India in accordance with Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI) to individuals for the purpose of unique identity of each and every individual is a number that will work as identification of person and will show the address of every individual in includes fingerprints, photographs, address of a person and their complete a residential information of an individual. An identification number consists of 12 particular digits and includes complete information about a residential person and termed as “AADHAAR CARD”.Aadhaar includes all the individuals of any age including children to represent their identities .any individual can get aadhaar number free of cost. It was general information about aadhaar number now we will discuss some amazing facts about aadhaar card.
List of amazing aspects about aadhaar card:

Amazing Fun Aspects about Aadhaar Card – Interesting

15. Modi”s Conflict:

Amazing Fun Aspects about Aadhaar card

Modi raises a conflict and written to the Government of India’s letter that it is illegal to collect individual’s biometric data such as fingerprints. He also said that government cannot collect such data even when a prisoner releases his biometric data is also destroyed such as fingerprints.

14. Developed Nations:

Most Fun Aspects about Aadhaar card

In developed countries, there is no concept of issuing or using of this card. It means if this card is not working in developed countries then how it can work in India. So for this conflict government have done enough research and concluded that they have something well to done sure for this work.

13. Conflict with Aadhaar Card:

Interesting Fun Aspects about Aadhaar card

There is a major conflict regarding this card because it is rejected by the standing committee and legally don’t have any right to implement it regarding security concerns. Because it can easily be misused regarding confidential data.

12. Aadhaar Enrollment Camp:

Most Interesting Fun Aspects about Aadhaar card

If a person wants to get a UID number he should go to the aadhaar enrollment camp that is closer so that details should be published in local media. Residents should also take some documents along with them that is mentioned in the advertisement, and their photographs and fingerprints will also be scanned. And then aadhaar number will be issued in 20_30 days.

11. Benefits for Residential:

Surprising Fun Aspects about Aadhaar card

There is a one more benefit for residents of India that they have the option to link their UID number to their bank accounts.

10. Gender Classification:

Very Surprising Fun Aspects about Aadhaar card

For the issuance of aadhaar card, it is not necessary for the persons to classify their gender whether male or female. And for Tran’s genders, it is also not necessary to classify themselves as male or female.

9. Biometric Information:

Compelling Fun Aspects about Aadhaar card

There is a benefit for individuals having their aadhaar card identity i.e. UIDAI will only demand biometric and demographic information of an individual .It will require any information about a person’s cast religion or language. There is one more benefit for them the i.e. date of birth of a person is not necessary for those who don’t remember.

8. Replacement of Other Documents:

Shocking Fun Aspects about Aadhaar card

All those individuals that have issued their aadhaar card cannot replace their documents in contrast to aadhaar cards for their identifications such as passports.

7. Payment by Aadhaar Card (APB):

Fascinating Fun Aspects about Aadhaar card

There are many benefits to those individuals who have their Aadhaar identity i.e. Aadhaar card .Individuals can easily use this Aadhar number for their payment purposes according to the AADHAAR PAYMENT BRIDGE(APB) that is approved by the National Payments Corporation Of India(NPCI).

6. Submission of Application (AEBA):

Fun Aspects about Aadhaar card

When individual wants to issue an aadaar card he can easily issue this for their identity because it is without any charges. For making any bank account individuals just need to submit an application along with the copy of Aadhaar card to the bank so that bank can enable their accounts after naming

5. Charges:

Aadhaar Card Facts

If a person wants to issue an aadhaar card can easily issue this number. Every single identity of any class whether upper or lower can easily issue this number because it is free of cost. There are no charges for individuals for this purpose.

4. Validity:

Aadhaar Card Fun Facts

Aadhaar number is not compulsory .Individuals that are having an aadhaar card have a proof for their identification because it will remain valid for lifetime.

3. Demographic Information:

Aadhaar Card Interesting Fun Facts

Aadhaar number is an identification number that represents complete demographic and biometric information of a residential individual including their photographs and fingerprints.


Aadhaar Card Most Interesting Fun Facts

Aadhaar number is issued by the government of India by Unique Identification Authority of India for every single person who lives in India for their complete identification.

1. Purpose of Aadhaar Number:

Aadhaar number represents the identity of every single person. So it can easily issue by each and every person to open their bank accounts. Individuals can also use this number for the application of passports. They can also use this number for their fun purposes like booking of tickets.

From all the above discussion we concluded that aadhaar is identification number for the individuals that have residency in India. It serves a purpose for unique identity of each and every person. A major conflict was rise by Modi. He said that one issue or use this car because it is against persons privacy. Due to this privacy of the citizens is disclosed i.e. it may include disclosure of biometric information such as fingerprints. But later on, this issue was solved as it provides many benefits to the people. The major benefit to citizens of India is that anyone can issue this number a no matter of their age, gender, class. This identity cannot be replaced by another identification method i.e. passports. The most important thing is that this aadhar number can easily be issued by anyone at any age and free of cost.


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