Mexico is the 11th biggest country by population with 124 million people living in a country which is barely bigger than the state of Alaska in the US. Mexico has a high people to square miles ratio considering its population is 170 times bigger than Alaska, but it is still considerably below countries South Asian countries like India and China. The 21st century has bought many reforms to the country which has increased the influx of population rather than native people leaving the country for greener pastures. Let’s find out some amazing facts about Mexico which may change your predominant views on the country.

Amazing Facts about Mexico – Interesting

9. Land of the Peppers

Amazing Facts about Mexico You Need To Know

The sub-continent may be the land of spices and Southeast Asia the center of herbs, but no country produces the kind of peppers that Mexico does. Jalapeno is the most popular pepper that is produced and exported out of Mexico. Produced in the Yucatan Peninsula, the pepper native to Mexico is the habanero which is the hottest natural chili pepper in the world. A regular pimiento packs only 350 Scoville’s, a unit of measurement for the hotness and spiciness of peppers. At its mildest, habanero is 80,000 Scoville’s and the hottest is recorded at over 600,000 Scoville’s. There is a cross of habanero that is 2.2 million Scoville’s, a Guinness world record.

8. The Aztecs

Most Amazing Facts about Mexico You Need to Know

Before the Spaniards conquered Mexico, the land was home to a race called the Aztecs, and even now many of the Mexicans are Aztec descendants. It is because of that fact that there is a worldwide belief that Mexicans only speak Spanish. Although it is the most spoken language, the truth is far from it. One of the most amazing facts about Mexico is that the Aztecs spoke a bunch of different languages and Mexico now has a total of 68 official languages.

7. The US Connection

Interesting Facts about Mexico

Apart from illegal immigration and a host of other problems, Mexico and USA have had major territorial disputes over the course of history which had sparked many a war between the countries. Germany sent Mexico the very first invitation to join them in WWI so that they attack the USA to reclaim lost states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Texas seceded from Mexico in 1836 and became an independent state. Not a decade later in 1945, it joined the United States of America. Even some part of California including San Francisco was a part of Mexico until 1848 when the Mexican-American war happened.

6. Mexico is Fat

Most Interesting Facts about Mexico

Although this may not be the reason Mexico City is constantly sinking year after year, obesity is the most common cause of death in Mexico. By BMI statistics, Mexico is officially the fattest country in the world leaving countries like Australia and even the US in dust. The problem there is so severe that carbonated sugary soft drinks kill more people in Mexico that the violent crimes in the country. To put that in context, one of the most shocking facts about Mexico is that their tally of violent crime is also way above the world average.

5. Carlos Slim, the Richie Rich of Mexico

Interesting Facts about Mexico You Need to Know

Bill Gates may be the current richest man in the world with US$75 billion net worth, but he has been edged out by Carlos Slim more than once in the past on the Forbes’ richest man list. His current net worth of US$50 billion is the 2.5% of Mexico’s entire GDP. For Bill Gates to match that percentage with US GDP, his net worth would need US$300 million more.

4. Badlands

Most Interesting Facts about Mexico You Need to Know

Mexico is the near the tectonic plates that have a major fault in them because of which it has a history of massive earthquakes and volcanic activities. A small fissure occurred in a farmer’s cornfield in Mexico in 1943 which developed into a 50 ft. A high volcano in just a week and within a year it grew to be 1,100 ft. tall. One of the most amazing facts about Mexico is that when a hospital building collapsed in an earthquake of magnitude 8.0; almost every newborn baby in the maternity ward survived for over seven days without food, water, human contact or even warmth.

3. Unbelievable

Facts about Mexico

There are many unbelievable forces of nature or ludicrous things in the world, but some of these about Mexico take the cake. Did you know that the biggest pyramid in the world is not one of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt? Rather it is the Great Pyramid of Cholula in Puebla, Mexico. Another one of these unbelievable facts about Mexico is that a town there believes that fist fighting brings rain. Yet another is the law passed by the Mexican Government in 2014 which made meteorites in Mexico “illegal”.

2. The City that Sinks

Mexico Facts

It is a sad truth that the capital of Mexico and the hub of its financial means, Mexico City, is sinking below the sea level by giving or take 10 inches every year. It is a shame to think about because Mexico City is much more diverse and bigger than even New York City. Mexico City has the biggest fleet of a taxi in the world with over a 100,000 taxis servicing the people every day.

1. Illegal Immigration

Mexico Most Interesting Facts

At the cusp of the 21st century and the late 20th century, illegal immigration from Mexico to the other international places like USA had become a norm. So much so that even the illegal immigrants there became worried about the impact of future immigrants on the economy. Since the turn of 21st century, that illegal immigration went down by 80%. One of the most shocking facts about Mexico is that more Mexicans have left the US instead of migrating there since 2009.

Mexico is a beautiful place with a prosperous land, good economy, and great diversity that offers many opportunities to the foreigners worldwide. One would be a fool now to underestimate the quality of life in Mexico.


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