Abel Tasman was the founder of Tasmania and New Zealand’s South Island. Tasman was an explorer who was Dutch by origin and worked at the Dutch East India Company. Success came fast to Tasman, and he became captain of the ship in the Dutch East India Company. Traces of land were thought to exist in the southern continent, but he was the first navigator to locate them. He explored the part of the world that was not known to humans. Therefore on his return from the half year voyage, he was promoted to a commander in the Dutch East India Company. In here, we will walk you through some interesting facts about the explorer which have not been explored by many people yet.

Abel Tasman was not alone on his voyage

Abel Tasman was accompanied by two of his allies. One was his navigator François Visscher, and the other was his merchant Isaack Gilsemans. The invention of the new continent also had the hand of these two along Abel Tasman. These men do not get their fair credit in the discovery of New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. However, they played important roles in the development.

Abel Tasman was born in Lutjegast

Abel Tasman was born in Lutjegast in 1603. Lutjegast is not known to many though it is the birthplace of one of the great explorer. For those of you who are not familiar with Lutjegast, Lutjegast is a small village in the Westerkwartier area of the province Groningen in the Netherlands. Most people know of the existence of this little village because of Abel Tasman.

Amazing facts about Abel Tasman

Connection with Batavia

Abel Tasman had to shift to Batavia because of his affiliation with the Dutch East India Company. He moved to Batavia in 1633 in the wake of his job. He shifted back to the now capital, Amsterdam after four years of living in Batavia. However, he had to return to Batavia which was the capital of Dutch East Indies after ten years.
Abel Tasman’s first Voyage was as a second commander
The first voyage of which Abel Tasman was a part of was in 1639. At that time he served a position of second in command. That voyage was commanded by Captain Matthijs Quast. The fleet consisted of two ships namely Engel and Grace. His first trip proved successful.

Drafted Bonaparte Tasman map

This plan was drafted in assistance of Abel Tasman. It is not sure as to who wrote the map. Contradictions arise as to whether Tasman’s merchant or his chief pilot. The map shows his two voyages in 1642 and 1644 respectively. The map is drawn on Japanese paper and was circulated in the Dutch East India Company. The map is now a valuable possession and is now in the State Library of New South Wales, Australia.

Abel Tasman Interesting facts

Abel Tasman was sent for exploration by the Council of the Indies.
One of the interesting facts about Abel Tasman is that he was sent along with Francois Visscher for exploration of the South Continent by the Council of the Indies. The presence of uninhabited land was always suspected, and therefore the council wanted to explore and put it to use. With this mission, they sent Abel Tasman, and he returned successfully.

The first discovery was West Tasmania

The first discovery of Abel Tasman in his voyage was Tasmania. He discovered West Coast of Tasmania in 1642. The date is believed to be 24th of November. Tasmania was located north of Macquarie Harbor. Abel Tasman is widely respected in Tasmania for being the founder.

Abel Tasman Named his first discovery

Tasmania was named by Abel Tasman when first discovered. He resorted to his Dutch roots to name the country. His sincerity with the Dutch East India Company reflected from the name he chose. He named it after the Governor-General of the Dutch East India Company Antonio van Diemen. Later the name was changed to Tasmania. Initially, on its discovery, it was called Van Diemen’s Land.

Abel Tasman created the possession of Tasmania

Not only did Abel Tasman discover the Southern continent but he is also credited with having created the possession of the land. It is believed that Abel Tasman created the territory of Tasmania in 1642 a week and a half after its discovery. The date is thought to be 3rd of December 1942.

Amazing facts about Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman is also the founder of New Zealand

Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand in his voyage also. It was the same voyage in which he discovered Tasmania. He also kept his name, and even today it is sometimes known from the name of the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indian Company. Until recently it was known from Van Diemen’s name.

When you look at the accomplishments of Abel Tasman, you cannot help but be emulous of him. But Abel Tasman had to face many hurdles in his voyages as there were instances where his ship was about to be wrecked. These are some exciting and amazing facts about Abel Tasman that are not well known.


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