Dolphins are marine mammals and one of the two distinct species of mammals including whales that roam the ocean and seas. They are often revered for their beauty and cutesy behavior of the trained dolphins, but there is a lot more to these creatures than meets the eye. In fact, the latest studies have revealed that makeup of a dolphin’s mind is more human-like than any other animal including our closest ancestors; the monkey. You would be remiss if you didn’t know about these amazing dolphin facts.

Amazing Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible – List

7. The Human Connection

Amazing Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

Dolphins have a very friendly behavior towards humans, and they are playful which makes them one of the most popular mammals in the human world. Bottlenose dolphins are the most common species found in water worlds and aquariums that are often seen interacting with humans. However, their connection to humans goes way beyond the bounds of social interactions. Recent research has proven that dolphins have a quite remarkably similar genetic mapping to humans that has evolved much the same way as us. They have impressive brain size and high metabolic function which makes them the most intelligent creature on the face of the planet bar humans.

6. High Cerebral Function

Most Amazing Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

Dolphins are the second smartest creature on the planet, at least out of the ones that we know exist. Adult dolphins could have an intelligence quotient of up to 70 which is IQ of a very slow human being. Their complex cerebral cortex even allows them cognitive abilities that help them in identifying their own, mimic others, communicate and even develop cultural roles. One of the most amazing dolphin facts is that they possess the ability to recognize and even admire their looks in a mirror.

5. Bulls and Cows

Interesting Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

Dolphins have associate gender names that are similar to cattle. A male dolphin is called a bull; a female dolphin is called a cow, and a child dolphin is referred to as a calf.

4. Brilliant Memory

Most Interesting Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

Another reason that Dolphins are linked so highly to humans is their impressive memory, second only to humans in the animal kingdom. They have the ability to assign dolphins in a pod a unique name and recognizing those names to answer to them, even if called by a stranger. The latest research has shown that dolphins also have the unique ability to communicate to each other over a telephone line and be able to understand and recognize the other.

3. Deep Sea Divers

Surprising Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

Dolphins are deep sea divers, and they are exclusively carnivorous, unlike the giant whales that feed on kelps and planktons. One of the amazing dolphin facts is that they also have a blowhole much like whales that aid them in breathing. As they are not fish, they cannot stay under water for long and have to rise to the surface to breathe.

2. Dolphins and Whales

Dolphin Facts You Never Knew Possible

As the only two marine mammals, dolphin and whales have a lot in common. They are both highly intelligent; however their genetic makeup is different which has resulted in whales being herbivores and dolphins being carnivores. One species, the Killer Whale, is not a whale. Killer Whale belongs to the dolphin family and even though they are the biggest Dolphins, they are still way similar than an average blue or humpback whale. Killer whales are apex predators and also have the ability to hunt down moose and another herbivore that venture to the ocean shores. Whales and dolphins both give birth the same way, and the tail of the baby comes out first instead of the noggin.

1. Half Sleepers

Dolphin Facts

One of the most amazing dolphin facts is that these creatures only sleep half a brain at a time. That is the reason that dolphins sleep with one eye open. It helps the Dolphins stay alerted even when their highly developed brain is receiving the necessary rest.

Dolphins are amazing creatures and an absolute delight to interact with. They can be highly trained and develop bonds with humans like very few other animals.


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