Chocolate is one of those mysterious deserts that makes us happy and takes our worries away. At least that part used to be mysterious because there is an exact science behind the amazing chocolate facts which makes chocolate all the more enjoyable. It is used in the most common of deserts in the world, and it is also the most popular form of candy by a long shot. So, we decided to explore some of the amazing chocolate facts that people who love this delicious culinary invention must know.

Amazing Chocolate Facts – Interesting

9. The Mass Producers

Interesting Chocolate Facts

The biggest producer of cocoa – what chocolate is essentially made of – is Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast accounts for 37% of the world’s total cocoa production. In fact, cocoa is the biggest export of the country.

8. The Mass Eaters

Interesting Chocolate Facts you must Know

The USA is by far the largest consumer of choco, and it leads by a landslide. One of the most amazing choco facts is that the USA consumes around 50% of the world’s total choco production. That is over 1.5 billion pounds of choco each year. Compared to that, Europe consumes 40%, and the remaining 10% is eaten on the other four and a half continents.

7. U.S Chocolate Depression Factor

Amazing Chocolate Facts you must Know

We have already told you about the US being the leading consumer in choco. They even consume the most candy with 2.8 billion pounds gobbled up each year which includes choco. 3.5 million pounds of milk is used to sustain the production of choco for US citizens for just one day. It is understood that choco helps in alleviating stress and depression because of the release of endorphins. Talk about a country full of stressed people. The US consumes over a 100 pounds of choco every second. By the time you finish skimming through this article, 50,000 pounds of choco will have perished in USA.

6. Chocolate inspired Microwave Invention

Chocolate Facts

Percy Spence worked on WWII weapons project. One day he had to spend a little time with a magnetron device. After a few minutes, he noticed the choco bar in his pocket has been completely melted. Thus, he deduced that magnetron can heat up things quickly, and he started working on a device we now called the microwave. (Telling this tale like a children story book was fun!)

5. The White Lie

Interesting Five Chocolate Facts Are a Must Know

You know that white chocolate that you love as equally as the standard chocolate, sometimes more, is not chocolate. One of the most amazing chocolate facts is that white chocolate has zero cocoa in it. As cocoa in itself is quite a healthy substance, white chocolate is a candy full of sugar and milk.

4. Surprising Health Benefits

Healthy Chocolate Facts

Although the sweet bronze that we consume is bad for health because of the high sugar contents, the cocoa itself is very healthy. One of the most amazing choco facts is that cocoa can help in reducing weight if used little in everyday food. That is why consuming dark choco in moderation is helpful for your body as it reduces heart disease risk by one-third. Cocoa can even prevent tooth decay. And there you thought that choco will melt your teeth away.

3. It’s Gross, Sometimes

Interesting Three Chocolate Facts you must Know

Their production involves an intricate recipe, and one of these ingredients may put some of you off choco for life. An average choco bar has eight insect parts; I’m not kidding. Another one of amazing choco facts is that there is a pill that will make your farts smell like chocolate. So, people with gassy stomachs should get on board.

2. The Aphrodisiac

Three Chocolate Facts you must Know

It has known effects on a person’s sex drive as it increases libido due to the release of endorphins and serotonin when eaten. Phenylethylamine is an endorphin that makes your body feel good all over and experienced the same effect that one experiences when he feels madly in love. That is why you always feel relaxed all over whenever you consume you favorite choco bar.

1. Chocolate is Nuts about Nuts

Amazing Chocolate Facts Are a Must Know

It’s production is almost incomplete without nuts. Some of the most popular chocolates like Snickers, Lindt, Cadbury et al., use a lot of almonds and other nuts. Almost 40% of world’s almond is produced for the purpose of choco. One of the most amazing it facts is that 20% of world’s peanuts are used in chocolates.

Chocolate is a sweet, luxurious delicacy and the pleasure of a melting chocolate in your mouth is four times more than a passionate kiss. So if you don’t have somebody to snog, have a piece of chocolate. Trust me, it’s more pleasurable.


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