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Fascinating Facts about the AARP

Most Interesting Facts about the AARP

AARP means American Association of retired person. The association was formed in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus. He was the retired educator from California...
Surprising KFC Facts

Very Little Known Interesting KFC Facts

KFC has consolidated itself over the past three scores as overwhelming favorites when it comes to people eating fried chicken. Their business is now...
Interesting McDonald’s Facts

Fascinating McDonald’s Facts You Must Know

McDonald’s is the second largest fast food chain behind Subway, and it used to be the largest till 2010. It is still the biggest...
Amazing 5 Facts about Subway Restaurant

Mind Blowing Facts about Subway Restaurant

When a minor teenager named Fred DeLuca opted for opening a simple sandwich shop in Bridgeport Connecticut in 1965, he would have never thought...
Top Five Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

Unique Apple Facts You Didn’t Know about

Apple has been a pioneer for some of the greatest technological marvels that the world has been witness to, especially in this particular millennium....